About Maxine’s Feathers

Maxines Feathers was established in 1994 when the realisation came about for the need for quality within the show business industry with there being a lot of poor headdresses flooding the market and not giving a true representation of the work which most shows and acts deserve. The work soon flooded in with our costumes and headdresses now being used all over the world as well as many single acts throughout the UK. All headdresses are made bespoke with elements taken from each individual’s personality, unless the customer requires something to mimic an existing show or performer. In The last year a lot of energy has been put into expanding the business with the investment in more equipment and design aids – one of which has been this web site, along with by bringing into the company my partner to help with the day to day financial side of running things. For many years we have made feather costumes for shows such as Funny Girls in Blackpool, Showstoppers World Wide, The Bird Cage Leeds and Manchester and Freefall Productions as well as many individuals throughout the world with our costumes even being used in shows, such as the Royal Variety Show, at the London Palladium. Show girl feathers have always been a big crowd drawer for any show giving either a fabulous start to a show or a magnificent finale. Show girls on stage give a vibrant visual display and tend to draw feather admirers to the venue and its because of this that we put a great pride and time to all the feather costumes we manufacture. Maxine had originally worked for Stage Works , Blackpool but felt that her inspiration for design and manufacturing qualities were being held back and it was this that made her decide to set up on her own but at the same time not wanting to follow the other suppliers such as Bonnicis who only supplied ready made feather costumes and didn’t offer a design facility and so the journey began in supplying headdresses , harnesses and other costumes We also feel a need for there to be an improvement in the representation of the Drag shows within the show business industry and by improving the quality of what is being put on stage, we feel that the industry will take these acts more seriously and create a more lucrative market for the performers. We hope that we can help our clients in any way and assure you that we are always here to give free and honest advice as well as key contacts which may help improve the possibilities in what can be a tough business at times!

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