One Hell Of A Project!

Paul Fryer, one of London’s new most celebrated artists came to us with something completely different,

Paul came to firstly asking if we could make a set of wings, which was fine , however when he told us that each one had to be 3 meters in length we began to wonder if we had bitten of more than we could chew.

We spent a lot of man hours researching the framework and the strengthening procedures whilst still having to keep the weight to a minimum. The main frame was constructed from aluminium with rods that run the length of the wing, the brackets were made from extruded aluminium and the male sides were fixed within the body of the waxwork, there was over 3500 feathers on each wing individually glued on with a mixture of of different feathers used.

The final figure looked fantastic which pays credit to Paul for the inspiration and vision and also all the team that worked many a long hour putting the wings together. See what you think of the finished work.